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Cosmopolitan Harms Minors Campaign.. Cosom now a sex, porn rag

21:12Alexandria CM

Cosmopolitan went from what the magazine advertised its self as being "Family, women, positive" "to now a sex rag" dangerous to society, to our children “Cosmo harms minors ” Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, whose Hearst Corp. publishes the magazine.

Pornography has been found to be prostitution with a camera, human-sex trafficking. Children are being trafficked for the pornography industry.

Our society has the media and magazines like Cosmo contributing to the destruction of our children. Our children's lives being put in danger, our children being stolen trafficked for pornography.

When Cosmo did the article below in the banner we went straight to their website. We left a comment on how irresponsible they were for doing that article. All the sexual diviots were all over the article turned on by the porn site that were displayed. They soon began to attack us for the comment we left, they then came to our Facebook page and began to leave obscenity, which to this day they are still doing.  You can read the full article.....Cosmopolitan-promoting sexual violence, Irresponsible journalism full Article HERE



The so called 15 best porn site for women Cosmo wrote about, and had every link to on their article with pictures, were sleazy porn sites for men. All full of sexual violence. We know the ones since we do study in this field. 

Cosmo harms minors  Campaign Launch Press Conference

We are professionals with PhD's mothers, fathers, children of our own, including teenagers. Our children are exposed to so much sexual violence. None of us buy Cosmos anymore, we grew up on it ourselves. The magazine now, nothing but smut, porn. The articles that have anything to do with sex, love, human sexuality are so misleading, the content wrong, dangerous in fact, misleading anyone who reads them.


The site Fifty Shades of Passion is about human sexuality, sex, but the articles are going to be responsible articles by Professionals. Aimed at teens to adults. Parents also to help them understand human sexuality, sex and also the dangers in our society. At the moment there is no site that is teaching teens about responsible sex, human sexuality, intimacy. Teens are very confused and at the same time scared. The site is brand new, we will be adding more articles each week. 

Only today we were on google plus and reading from Cosmo site there. A young guy around 26 with no medical background no training, the author of the article wrote. "The six things women need to know about having multiple orgasms". The article was a complete joke....and we soon told them so. The six things had nothing to do with anything medical, all of it total crap and just a fluff piece written by a guy no less, who didn't have one clue. And here we have who ever, what ever age group, reading this rubbish thinking OK this is how it must be.


The six things from this guys perspective were you had to be smoking hot body, that was basically his six things rolled in one for a women to have multiple orgasms. A complete joke and very bad journalism. He actually doesn't even know what a multiple orgasm is, how could he for one being a man, the other he has no training in the field of human sexuality....and he is writing about female orgasms.

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, whose Hearst Corp. publishes the magazine, Newsmax reported. Hearst and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation — formerly known as Morality in Media — teamed up earlier this year to launch “Cosmo Harms Minors,” an effort to urge retailers to cover up the edgy magazine, while advocating measures to ensure that young people under the age of 18 can’t purchase it.

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, whose Hearst Corp. publishes the magazine, says Cosmopolitan went from what the magazine advertised its self as being "Family, women, positive" "to now a sex rag" dangerous to society, to our children.

Join the fight at Cosmo harms minors 

Pornography definition Webster Dictionary as well as state laws obscenity or harmful to minor laws

Pornography is written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing.
An example of pornography is a movie depicting men and women having sex that is intended to get you sexually excited.

Writings, pictures, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire.
The production of such writings, pictures, etc.

The explicit depiction of sexual subject matter; a display of material of an erotic nature. [from the mid-19th c.]

The graphic, detailed, often gratuitous depiction of something.

  1. Sexually explicit writing, images, video, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
  2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: violence pornography.

Under the laws to protect children...harmful to minors laws.

All of the above and drawings, photographs, or similar representation of a person or persons, or portion of the human body which depicts nudity, sexual conduct etc, which is harmful to minors, or any book, pamphlet, or magazine, which contains any of the above, or explicit narrative accounts....where minors are present.

This doesn't not include material which is designed for sex education, medical, to minors. (there is a difference between such materials)

It unlawful to any person to knowingly exhibit an of the above and below, to minors, in place of public accommodation, where minors maybe present, and where minors are able to view the material, unless each item of material is kept in a seal wrapper, concealing the content from minors. This also goes for written content, such as Fifty Shades of Grey...who's content is R rated, pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence.

These websites with magazines are selling vibrators, sex toys, R Rated DV's and R rated books just like Fifty Shades of Grey does on their websites and social media including to children...breaking state protection laws.

There are also laws to protect children from obscene or harmful material on the Internet. For one, federal law prohibits the use of misleading domain names, words, or digital images on the Internet with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material (See 18 U.S.C. §§ 2252B, 2252C). It is illegal for an individual to knowingly use interactive computer services to display obscenity in a manner that makes it available to a minor less than 18 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 223(d) –Communications Decency Act of 1996, as amended by the PROTECT Act of 2003). It is also illegal to knowingly make a commercial communication via the Internet that includes obscenity and is available to any minor less than 17 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 231 –Child Online Protection Act of 1998).

The standard of what is harmful to minors may differ from the standard applied to adults. Harmful materials for minors include any communication consisting of nudity, sex or excretion that (i) appeals to the prurient interest of minors, (ii) is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is suitable material for minors, (iii) and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

Fifty Shades of Grey meets every single criteria and more for pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, stalking, sex slaves, dangerous content that is being promoted for our children, putting their lives in danger.

The Franchise of Erica James Fifty Shades of Grey and Grey House this year were screen shot and recorded, sharing R rated material with minors on social media, explicit sexual violence and sex scenes and pictures with minors. This was reported to the FBI.

Thank you to our incredible graphics design team who always grace us with incredible posters for our articles.

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